April 14, 2019 at the stadium of Kostanay construction College was held the championship of Kostanay region on militarized cross organized by Kostanay regional Branch of the Public Association “Federation of military sports clubs” of Kazakhstan together with the Department of physical culture and sports of Kostanay region akimat. This Championship was attended by military-Patriotic clubs from the cities of Kostanay, Ore, Kostanay, Sarykol And Uzunkol districts. A total of 9 clubs.

Cadets at a distance of running 2000 meters (for boys) and 1500 meters (for girls) had to go through two stages of the competition: at the shooting range to hit 5 targets located at a distance of 10 meters from an air rifle lying with an emphasis on the hand, and in the sector for throwing grenades, throw a grenade at a distance of 35 meters for boys and 25 meters for girls.

The weather brought its test for the cadets: in the morning, on the day of the Championship, it became cold and sometimes it was drizzling rain. But for the children of military hardening is only a pretext to show strength of will and character.

In the uncompromising struggle the best among young men of 14-15 years were the cadets of the military-industrial complex “Typhoon” Kostanay construction College, in second place the military-industrial complex “Patriot” Uzunkolzky district, the third place was won by the military-industrial complex “Berkut” Kostanay professional technical College.

Among young men of 16-17 years the first place was taken by military industrial complex “Typhoon”, the second – military industrial complex “Patriot”, the third – military industrial complex “Mergen” Sarykolsky area.

Among girls of 14-17 years old the winner was the military-industrial complex “Typhoon”, the second place at the military-industrial complex “Patriot” and the third place at the military-industrial complex “Berkut”.

In the final team event gold was won by the students of the military-industrial complex “Typhoon”, silver was taken by the students of the military-industrial complex “Patriot” and bronze was taken by the military-industrial complex “Berkut”.

I would like to mention that the team of referees at the Championship were led by the soldiers-internationalists Afghanistan Gubanischev M. E., Kharchenko, A. N. and Ermolenko A. A., who conducted the judging at a high level.

Paramilitary cross “heirs of the Victory” among the military-industrial complex of the region