The day of the Soviet Victory over Nazi Germany is the greatest national holiday! And, according to a long tradition, the residents of Kostanay celebrate it in the victory Park. Tens of thousands of citizens come to victory Park on this day to worship those who gave their lives , so that today we live free and happy, having a clear, cloudless sky over our heads.

Cadets of the military-industrial complex “Typhoon” Kostanay construction College, also annually on may 9 come to the city victory Park. They come not only to bow to the departed and living veterans of the war, but also to pay military honor to the Winners – Kostanay, standing in the guard of honor near the memorial plates and memorials of the Park. They believe that this is their civil and military duty, because it will take a little time and they will also join the ranks of the defenders of their Fatherland in the Armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Every 10 minutes there is a ceremonial changing of the guard. Hundreds of citizens who came on this day to victory Park watch this sacred action. And students of the club do try: pull the toes of the feet, minting a step, locatorcheck raise hands and freeze at attention at the memorial.

There is no end to the townspeople who want to be photographed with the military on this holiday. Therefore, the faces of our boys and girls scatter on cell phones , making the photos elements of solemnity and importance.

And for the cadets themselves, this day becomes solemn and important: they seem to take responsibility for the peace and tranquility of their homeland on their young, but already courageous shoulders.

At the end of his “service” in victory Park, according to a long tradition, near the monument to Lenin at 13.00 there is a meeting of generations of cadets of the club where sitting in a circle, they communicate, tell interesting stories from the life of the club and, of course, sing songs with a guitar.

Guard of honor in victory Park