Research work is a specific educational field – including the experimentation, innovation, reflection and more. The research process is presented and organized as one of the important types of managerial activities. It stimulates creativity, promotes the updating of educational content, the change of traditional forms and methods of the educational process.

The aim of the research work in the College : is to provide qualitative changes in the educational process, contributing to its development.


  • the creation of methodological developments and innovation;
  • creative use of the existing pedagogical innovations;
  • modeling new experience by conducting an independent pedagogical research;
  • the development of the professionalism of the teaching staff;
  • the formation of students ‘ interest in research as a means of understanding the world and self-development.


СҒҚ жетекшісі – Ничубай Е. В., қоғамдық пәндер оқытушысы
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