From April 22 to April 29 in groups of 1 course group parent meetings were held.  Forms meeting the curators have chosen a variety: round tables, discussion platforms, oral magazines, the work of the parent meetings was attended by the psychologist of the College bulegenova N. E. precinct inspector yuop up Kostanai Salova K. B., Gantemirov G. sh., Deputy Director for BP Inertia G. S. and heads of departments. Bulegenova N. E. she prepared and conducted a number of training exercises with parents, focused in detail on the prevention of auto-destructive behavior, the crisis state of adolescents.  Prepared and distributed guidance to parents and the numbers of the helplines. The district inspectors raised the issues of juvenile delinquency, brought to the attention of parents about responsibility before the law for non-fulfillment of duties on education of minor children.  About the need to maintain proper control of adolescents in socially useful activities, sports, and others. Zam.Director for BP Inertia G. S. drew the attention of parents to respect the internal regulations of students to prevent absenteeism and tardiness, to properly control for Teens, and to work in collaboration with the curator. Head.departments brought to the attention of parents about the beginning of examination session.

Parent meeting