08-09 February 2019 on the basis of the shooting range of secondary school № 17 of Karaganda held 10 traditional competitions in bullet shooting from air rifles at the “Cup of soldiers-internationalists of Karaganda region”, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of OKSVA from Afghanistan and the 27th anniversary of the armed forces of Kazakhstan.

The organizers of the competition were the Department of education of Karaganda region, Republican scientific practical center “Saryarka daryny”, OO VIVACE “Ardager”, Karaganda regional branch of the NGO “Federation of military sport clubs” RK, the administration of school No. 17g. Karaganda.

The competition was attended by 35 teams of military-Patriotic and military-sports clubs from all regions of Karaganda region and the city of Karaganda, as well as the military-industrial complex “Typhoon” Kostanay construction College from Kostanay.

The competitions were held in two stages. At the first stage, the winners were determined in the team, club standings. And in the second stage, was determined the students – winners in the individual competition.

During the competition, each student had to perform the following types of exercises: shooting standing still (5 test shots), shooting from the knee (5 test shots), shooting lying with emphasis on the hand (5 test shots). The shooting distance is 10 meters. The number of test shots is not limited, but the total time allotted for the entire shooting was limited to 15 minutes.

Our military-industrial complex “Typhoon” put on these competitions 2 teams and two cadets – “Typhoon” competed only in the individual competition. The struggle for the podium between the participating teams was tough and uncompromising . The position of the teams in the standings depended on each shot.

The gratifying to note that at the first stage of the competition, team “Typhoon – 2” (Abdrashev Alan, Shagataev Marlene, Matzilevich Arthur) won the first place team, team “Typhoon – 1” (Vladislav Minaev, Alshinbaev Temujin, Lyamkin Daniel) took the second command place, having conceded to leaders of 20 points, and the third team place was the team of youth center of the city of Shakhtinsk.

To participate in the competition in the individual competition, the judicial team selected 24 cadets who showed the best personal result in the first stage. This list includes all the students of the military complex “Typhoon”. In the end of the struggle in the individual championship, the best scorer of the competition was the cadet of the military-industrial complex “Typhoon” Abdrashev Alan, second and third place also took the cadets of the military-industrial complex “Typhoon” Vladislav Minaev and Shagataev Marlene.

Almost all the prizes (except for the third in the team standings) were taken by the students of the military-industrial complex “Typhoon”, with which they are congratulated.

Regional competitions in bullet shooting in Karaganda