The child’s entry into the social world is impossible without his mastering the initial social notions, including acquaintance with the profession.

Today, December 21, professional tests took place at the college in the architecture department. At this event were invited students 4 “in” class, secondary school number 7, with this school, our college has been cooperating not for the first year. The class teacher Moldabayeva Karina Baurzhanovna gladly responded to the invitation to take part in early professional tests with her children. The teachers of our department set goals for themselves, this is to give students an initial and maximum variety of ideas about the profession of an architect; to form an emotionally positive attitude towards the profession; provide an opportunity to try themselves in the available activities and show their creative abilities.

Therefore, acquaintance with the work of adults is necessary from an early age, when they will learn about various professions in an accessible form of knowledge.

As a rule, vocational guidance begins only in the upper grades of general education schools. The child does not have time to make an informed choice, since the list of offered professions is small, knowledge of them is minimal and is given sporadically.

The early start of preparing a child for the choice of a future profession is not to impose on the child who he should become, according to the parents, but to acquaint the child with various types of work in order to facilitate his independent choice later on.

Teachers in special disciplines have developed a program consisting of two blocks, this is a tour of the college and the second block, this is the practical part: a master class led by Badazhkova L.V. and Utevova S.K., who created 3D 3D Winter Tale postcards with children, an original master class in the Dudling technique under the guidance of Volkova N., a teacher, the children performed wonderful images. Then they all joined together in the workshop under the guidance of T.I. Kareva. students created New Year decorations for their class. Together with the children, their parents and grandparents accompanying them participated in the master class, who were also very interested in doing all this work. Everyone was happy and joyful.

Professional tests