On the eve of the Great holiday – the 74th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people over Nazi Germany, the military-industrial complex “Typhoon” cadets organized and participated in many events dedicated to this date.

On may 4, 2019, our cadets took part in the competition of soldier’s song for the Cup of the commander of the military unit among servicemen and military-Patriotic clubs of Kostanay, held in the military unit of the National guard of Kazakhstan №6697. On the improvised stage located on the parade ground, the contestants showed a class of Executive skill. Students of the military-industrial complex “Typhoon” did not win a prize at this competition, but the highest assessment of their performance was the kind words of the chief judge of the competition, who praised the guys and girls for the energy and mood with which they performed their songs.

On may 6, 2019, the cadets visited the secondary school № 5 in Kostanay, where at the meeting with the first-graders they told why we celebrate the victory day, which means the St. George ribbon on the chest, showed a copy of the victory banner, answered numerous questions of the first-graders and, at the end of the meeting, jointly sang military songs and presented memorable gifts to the first-graders.

On may 6, 2019, our guys and girls became participants of the meeting with veterans of the great Patriotic war, the siege of Leningrad, held in the “House of friendship”, organized by the Kostanay city Council of veterans, where they heard stories – biographies about the three participants of the war, congratulated the participants of the meeting with the upcoming victory Day, sang the famous song “Lizaveta”, and most importantly – were able to personally communicate with the 95-year-old veteran, who gave farewell to the cadets, wished success in the military-Patriotic training and peaceful sky over his head.

May 10, 2019 at the invitation of the administration of Kostanay boarding school for orphans, the club cadets organized a military sports festival dedicated to The victory day at the stadium of the boarding school. After the solemn construction and three-time “HURRAH”, boys of 8-9 classes of the boarding school, divided into teams, competed in the ability to deftly and correctly crawl under barbed wire, equip the store, disassemble and assemble the AK-74, put on a gas mask, UGC, shoot an air rifle and run fast. At the end of the holiday, the students and pupils of the boarding school sitting in a circle, sang war songs with a guitar. Cadets and children were satisfied with the event and agreed that they will meet again and again.

Victorious may military-industrial complex “Typhoon»