Head of the hostel: E.P.Pavlenko
Commandant: Zh.Zh. Maukebaeva
Caregivers: T.E.Abramova, A.R.Akhmetova

Tel .: 8 7142 21-00-89

ВIn college, there is a cozy hostel with 150 seats. The hostel has all the necessary conditions for students’ life:

  • Five-storey modern building, sectional layout of the rooms, the rooms live on 2 and 3 persons;;
  • Every kitchen with two electric plates, refrigerator and microwave;
  • Shower room, laundry room, drying room linen;
  • Room for training sessions.

Living conditions

Rooms are equipped with furniture in accordance with the standard norms. Each year, students in the room bought bedside tables, combined cabinets, tables, beds, chairs.
The hostel was created homeliness, aesthetically decorated lounge and self. They have a TV and a stereo.
In order to ensure the safety of students living in the dormitory, held briefing on AP. On each floor there are fire extinguishers, stands, evacuation plan.
The level of service residing in the hostel, meets all requirements.
In the dorm lives both boys and girls.
Teachers and educators conduct interviews, individual counseling.

The administration of the college, dorm staff spend a lot of work to comply with the internal rules and modes of accommodation.
According to the Regulations on the hostel places to stay are provided primarily in the following categories of citizens: orphans, students without parental care, people with disabilities, students from low-income families, students living in remote areas of the region.

Educational work in the hostel based on the concept of educational activity of college. It is carried out with the direct participation of the head and dormitories educators. The main areas of work are:

  1. Organizational work;
  2. Social assistance to students;
  3. Job Student Residence Council;
  4. Landscaping work;
  5. Leisure-time activities of students;
  6. Sports and recreation work.

The hostel is functioning government body – the Student Residence Council, which, together with the head of the dormitory, teachers, deputy director on educational work, a specialist in working with young people concerned with leisure, sanitary rooms state of repair.
Decisionof student dormitory council agreed with the administration and approved by the director of the college it is mandatory for individuals residing in hostel and staff.

Work in the hostel – one of the most critical areas of educational work. Education of conscious discipline, respect for the property is one of the most important areas of education of students living in the dormitory.

Work carried out during the school year according to plan, according to which the following activities are carried out:

  • monthly meetings of the Student Council of the hostel;
  • weekly raids to check the sanitary condition of rooms;
  • preventive conversations educator, head of a health center, a psychologist;
  • daily rounds rooms to detect violations and problem solving; meetings with the experts of the Center of healthy lifestyles;
  • release video of newspapers devoted to the holidays;
  • competitions, discos, leisure parties, sports events;
  • Students participate in environmental actions.

The hostel various events are held each year: the evening “We know”, a sports event “Student Marathon”, an evening of rest “Hello, we are looking for talent!” Cooking duel “Student Fantasy”, an exhibition of creative works of students, discos, New Year’s balloon masquerade, costume contest, “Humor” contest hairstyles.
Each semester dorm competitions: “Exemplary floor”, “Best Room”, which contribute to the maintenance of order and the implementation of the basic tasks of daily living and self-government. Twice a year passes certification of students living in the dormitory.

Жизнь в общежитии


11 ноября 2015 года в   общежитии  Костанайского строительного колледжа




Информация о проживающих в общежитии

По приказу № 132 от 5.09.2016 г. в общежитии заселено 150  студентов  колледжа.

6 студентов из числа детей  сирот, из них 4 студента находящиеся  под опекой и попечительством, 2 студента оставшиеся без попечения родителей. Все 6 студентов освобождены от оплаты за проживание.

Студенты,  проживающие в разрезе по отделениям и по курсам:

Наименование отделения кол-во 1 курс 2курс 3 курс 4 курс
1 Строительное 47 29 9 1 3
2 Техническое 23 11 8 4 0
3 Архитектурное 33 19 6 4 4
4 Дистанционного обучения и бух.учета 47 9 36 2 0
Итого: 150 68(45,6%) 59 (39%) 11 (7,2) 7 (4,6%)

На основании данных  следует, что наибольшее количество студентов проживающих составило 1 курс (45,6%).