On April 5, a large-scale training seminar on educational work on the topic “Introduction of innovative approaches to the organization of educational work on the way to the formation of a model of a modern graduate” was held on the basis of Kostanay construction College, which was useful and timely within the Year of youth 2019.

The seminar was held for 8 hours and was divided into seven main areas – plenary session, dialogue platform, presentation of extracurricular activities, discussion of the Implementation of the recommendations of the Republican meeting: “Issues of educational work in the system of Vet organizations” from 01.03.2009, master class, coaching and reflection.

At the plenary session with a welcoming speech of head of the sector for educational work, Methodical Cabinet, like the Department of education of akimat of Kostanay region Belisarova, J. Z., and the Director of KSK Shamshin A. J.

After the plenary session, the participants visited the dialogue platform on the theme: “Interaction of subjects of education in the prevention of juvenile delinquency”, with the participation of: the chief of juvenile police in Kostanay, police Lieutenant Colonel Zhunusova BA and Secretary of the Commission on juvenile Affairs and protection of their rights under the akimat of Kostanay Sharipova a.m. In the framework of the problem raised at the seminar discussed new approaches to adolescents, in order to prevent offenses and reduce the risks of involving children in negative situations.

The workshop participants visited a number of extracurricular activities, the organizers of which were Nicolai E. V., Velgosha G.V., Bagrov N.E.,  Urazbaeva D.T., Lovyagin T.N.

Many impressions of the guests caused a master class on the topic: “the Use of educational technologies in the educational process”, moderated by L. N. Erdenova.. Participants were able to visit the role of students and try out the methods and approaches of educational work used by the curators and teachers of the College.

The program of the seminar was completed by coaching on the theme: “the Effectiveness of educational work in College”, which identified ways to solve the problematic aspects of educational work, shared the experience of the seminar participants and discussed further priority plans aimed at achieving results in the work of Deputy Directors of educational work.

At the end of the seminar, teachers discussed a lot of new information for a long time, left a lot of positive feedback, noting that everything that was said at the seminar is relevant and timely.

Regional seminar “Introduction of innovative approaches to the organization of educational work on the way of formation of the model of modern graduate»