College students (Baimukanova Snezhana, a group of 318 ARCH-3C; Gurenko Dmitry, group 323 K-3; Nasibullina Diana, the panel 328 ARCH-3; Proshina Anna, 315 ARCH-4; Sarsenov Dias, group 342 MAASH-1; Daria Adamenko, the group 315 ARCH-4; Deviceno Faith group 325 computing and software-3; Tokarev Anton, the group 315 ARCH-4; Total of Gannet, group 5 SP-1) took part in the XI regional student scientific and practical conference the purpose of which is the development of research competence and the promotion of research, scientific-practical achievements of the students. The conference was held in 10 sections.

As a result of the regional conference, the projects of our students were awarded with diplomas:

Adamenko D.-1 place (head Smoleva N. In.),

Proshina A. -2 place (head Lovyagina T. V.),

Nasybullina D.-3rd place (head Lovyagina T. V.),

Sarsenov D.-3rd place (head Shagataev R. sh.)

For the first time this year, the Board of Directors of colleges of Kostanay region established the Grand Prix “for the best technical solution”. This high award by the General decision of the jury was awarded to the student of the architectural Department Tokarev Anton (supervisor Lovyagina T. V. teacher of special disciplines)!

Congratulations to students and managers with the victory!

Regional conference «Looking to the future: modernization of society»