Since the beginning of development of virgin lands in 1954 in Kazakhstan were set up schools for training specialists of agricultural, construction and other industries. In particular, in 1956 Kostanay Construction technician college was established. In 1960 were the first issue of Industrial engineers and civil construction.

Furthermore, our school goes through several stages of reorganization. Based on the orders of the head of the regional administration of Kostanay Kazakhstan from May 21, 1992 №195-P is created based on building technical and vocational school of the base-4, a new type of educational institution vocational-technical school.

Order of the Regional Public Education Management №612 of August 25 1992 vocational-technical school was renamed in building lyceum №1. Order of the Regional Public Education Management №312 from November 7, 1994 building lyceum №1 renamed the building lyceum-college. Order of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 312 of December 11, 1995 Kostanay building lyceum-college renamed Kostanay Construction College.

For more than half a century Kostanay Construction College provides training of qualified specialists for the construction industry. Over the years the building college has trained more than 40 thousand. Mid-level professionals and skilled workers. There is not a construction company in the area, the city would not have worked our graduates.

Today, the college is a training and production, socio-pedagogical complex modernized. On the daily and correspondence courses being prepared for the 8 professions and 9 occupations. The college uses new educational technologies: information and communication, networking, and multimedia courses. Students and teaching staff have Internet access, there are laboratories, workshops, sports complex, a hostel, an assembly hall, a library with a reading room.

The strength of tradition, creativity, professionalism allows the team to develop and look with confidence into the future.

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