From 21 to 26 January 2019, the College held a week of subject-cycle Commission “Architecture and Design”.

The purpose of the activities of the subject week was to involve students in the educational process, to promote the development of creative activity of students, career guidance with the invitation of students of schools № 23, 19, 7 and children’s art school. Rusyn.  All teachers and students of 1-4 courses of the architectural Department took an active part in the subject week.  Open lessons, interesting master classes, competitions, exhibitions, extracurricular activities were held.

Open lesson on the subject of “Modeling” gr.318 Arch-3 held Shcherbina SV Students got acquainted with the design of simple, three-dimensional geometric bodies on the example of three-dimensional figures in the technique of papercraft. This is one of the new and popular trends in creativity, which does not require special costs, but develops the ability to think logically, develops fine motor skills of hands and abstract thinking. Students with undisguised interest plunged into the work on the 3D model of the hare.

Open lesson on the subject of “Painting”. gr.331 D-2 Budakova L. V.

The students were interested in new drawing techniques and is actively involved in creative activity – painting still life from life. The result of the lesson was a mini-view of the works of students performed still lifes in watercolor, gouache.

Teachers Filatova E. V., Jeenbaeva A. G, Burbaud.S., Lovyagina.V., Utepova S. K. Sadykova A. J. had a very interesting, exciting professional quest with the students of the invited schools.

The purpose of the event was to create a positive motivation of students to a conscious choice of future profession of creative orientation. The quest took place in the form of a game on five stations: painted portraits with closed eyes, performed exercises “Wrapped” and “Massage”, answered questions of creative subjects, at the station “living sculpture” performed the task of building a “live” word, and at the end of the quest the students at the station “Young designer” collected models of buildings. The guys had fun, interesting, because in a limited time it was necessary to resolve certain situations, to perform the task of the whole group, to show care, ingenuity, creativity. Students were inspired and grateful for the useful time spent, for interesting information. 13 students expressed a desire to become students of our College. At the end of the event, students were given information booklets about our College and, in memory of the event, presented models of houses.

Open lesson on the subject: “Architectural details”. Gr. 318 Arch-3. Volkova N. Ah. Students with great enthusiasm built small architectural forms and arbors, learned the basics of the 3Dmax program.

Professional tests with the participation of students of children’s art school named after Rusin.

With great pleasure the teachers held master-classes: “Manufacturer of sweet gift” – Shcherbina S. V., Lovyagina.V.; “Making decorative panels with a national ornament”- Utepova S. K. and Budikova L. V.; “Lexography”- Zakharchenko A.V. Children learnt how to make gifts, to execute such documents; learned how to do wall murals in traditional style, have studied the types of ornaments, their cutting and their use in various products; created artistic work on a pre-prepared jobs for “lexography”. Fun and interesting event was held. From 19 children of art school – 15 people wished to study in our College.

In addition to these events was organized by the “Exhibition of sculptures”- the teacher of Burbaev D. S., “Exhibition of paintings” teachers zakharchenkov by A. V. and L. V. Budakovo in the auditorium, in the foyer of the College. Our guests from schools were delighted with the works of artists-teachers.

The week of the subject-cycle Commission “Architecture and Design” was held at a good professional level.

I thank my fellow teachers for their conscientious work and professional skills!

Week of the subject-cycle Commission ” Architecture and Design»