On April 12, the College held a scientific and practical conference “Science and education: trends and prospects”, dedicated to the Day of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the participation of school students.

The work of the conference began with the plenary session, at which the College administration, the participant of international, regional scientific and practical conferences, the 4th year student of the specialty “Architecture” Vyacheslav Borodin and the winner of the “Golden book of youth” in the nomination “Young scientist” the 3rd year student of the specialty “Computer engineering and software” Maxim Ryumin made a welcoming speech to the participants of the conference. In his speech, Maxim noted that many modern students and schoolchildren today are focused on personal growth and comprehensive development; and participation in the conference is a great opportunity to Express yourself.

During the conference, the results of research activities of students and schoolchildren carried out under the guidance of supervisors – teachers of the College and teachers of schools of Kostanay city were presented.

The expert Committee consisted of highly qualified representatives of higher education institutions and social partners of the College.

As a result of the meeting of the scientific and practical conference, all the works were awarded certificates, the best works were awarded diplomas of 1-3 degrees.

Section 1

«Humanities and social Sciences»

Diploma of 1 degree: Kaldarov Saga, group 4 NPKS-2, Theme : “the Great Chinese barrows»

Head: Urazbayeva Danagul Tangalooma

Diploma of 1 degree:Elagina Kseniya, student of the 7th class of school №19. Topic: “Geoglyphs – mysterious monuments of Kostanay region»

The diploma of 2 degrees:Oleynik angelina, a student of the 9th grade school №19 . Topic “the Role of mediation in the resolution and prevention of conflicts in the field of civil relations”Head: Levina Kristina

Head: Levina Christina Sergeevna

The diploma of 2 degrees: Kolyadyuk Karina, a student of 7th grade school №19 . The theme of ” what I’m asking us to think on-screen characters of works by the Strugatsky brothers?»    ,

Head: Cooper Rom Research assistant

The diploma of 2 degrees:Amanzholova Aidan, a group of 343 ARCH-1. Theme: “Andronovo culture on the territory of Kostanay region»,

Head: Musina Lyudmila Mikhailovna

The diploma of 3 degrees: Zhakanova Amina, group 329 ARCH-2 “mausoleum of Aisha Bibi»     ,

Head: Shagataev Rose Satenova

Section 2

 «Exact and natural disciplines»

Diploma of 1 degree: Ryumin Maxim group 325 computing and software-3. Topic: “computer vision Research»

Head: Sazanova Dinara Gabitova

The diploma of 2 degrees: Latkina Elizabeth, 335 group computing and software – 2. Theme “Mobile application for parents of children diagnosed with Autism»    ,

Head: Sazanova Dinara Gabitova

The diploma of 2 degrees: Galiev Diaz , 335 group computing and software-2, “Simulation of keys and customize the keyboard to fit the Latin alphabet»,

Head: Salmanova Meruert Kabdullaevna

The diploma of 3 degrees:Danovski Daniel, group 311 computing and software-4 , the Theme of “3D tour of the Museum. I. Altynsarina»,

Head: Sazanova Dinara Gabitova.

Section 3

 «Construction and technical disciplines»

Diploma of 1 degree Gulakov Vladimir, Vyacheslav Borodin, the group 315 ARH-4, the Theme of “Providing convenience and comfort in the airport project»

Head: Smoleva Natalia Vassilievna.

Diploma of 2 degree: Moldabekov Elnar, 4 NPKS-2, Production of building materials “Smart house»    ,

Head: Konarbaeva Baktygul Istawaa

The diploma of 3 degrees:Dmitrii Gurenko, a group of 323 K-3. Theme “the Use of ceramic blocks of large size, with the connection “groove-comb” in civil construction of Kostanay region»,

Head: Smoleva Natalia Vassilievna.

Section 4

«Architecture and design»

Diploma of 1 degree: Kuzmin Valery, group 319 ARCHITECT-3, Akhkubekova Anela, Alenov Aldiyar group 328АРХ-3, Valery ivy group 320 D-3, Galuza Veronica group 319 ARCHITECT-3.  Theme “public building Design project-airport of the future»

Heads: Sadykova Aigerim Zhanbolatovna, Shcherbina Svetlana Vladimirovna

The diploma of 2 degrees:Beldin of Ramadan, a group of 320 D-3. Topic “Design project of a cafe in retro style 50-60s»

Head: Jeenbaeva Aynur  Abdulkarimova

The diploma of 2 degrees: Anna Proshina, Canadanew Askar, a group of 315 of the ARCHITECT-4. The theme “the security in the airport project»

Head: Lovyagina Tatyana Vladimirovna

The diploma of 3 degrees: Bychkovskaya Juliana, group 329 ARCH-2. The theme of “Arches in architecture-strength and beauty.”

Head: Lovyagina Tatyana Vladimirovna

All reports presented at the sections were included in the collection of articles of the conference.

Scientific-practical conference “Science and education: trends and prospects»