At present, obvious mutual interest of the company and educational institution in collaboration with the training that would have been familiar with the new modern technology and quickly adapted to the production conditions. Make it only within the walls of the college is not possible, need practice in the workplace and the transition to a practice-oriented training. During the practice the students have time to get acquainted with the conditions of work units, equipment, gain practical skills, so after graduating from college, they boldly come to production.

MSPE “Kostanayconstruction College” provides a dynamic and long-term cooperation with the social partners. It concluded 48 contracts with companies for the organization and conduct of professional and practical training of students:.


  1. LLP «KNAUF Gypsum Kapchagai. The company with the participation of DEG »
  2. LLP «Robert Bosch»
  4. Branch «AlinaTrade» LLP
  5. LLP «Kostanayselhozvodoprovodstroy»
  6. LLP «Agrofirma «Irina K»
  7. LLP «Eurostyle i»
  8. LLP «Syl»
  9. LLP «Turar»
  10. FE «Ikhlas BK»
  11. LLP «Makoun»
  12. PCB «Enbek»
  13. LLP «Elena D»
  14. LLP «SBS – Story Project»
  15. LLP «Erlan»
  16. Kostanay regional branch of JSC «Kazpost»
  17. LLP «PaydaShem»
  18. SE «The department of architecture and urban planning Kostanay akimat»
  19. JSC «Kostanay minerals»
  20. LLP «KostanayGeoProzem»
  21. LLP ««Қostanayzhobaқұrylys»
  22. LLP «Promstroiproekt»
  23. LLP «Institute Agropromproekt»
  25. LLP «ColorSV»
  26. Ltd.«Prestige Remstroy»
  27. LLP PTC «Kostanayproekt»
  28. LLP «Architectural studio house»
  29. PCB «Youth»
  30. CF «Agromash»
  31. LLP «RTSKU-Kostanay»
  32. LLP «Dostar – 09»
  33. LLP «Lada-P»
  34. LLP «Inter Express»
  35. SP Cooper I.G.
  36. FE «Kim SR»
  37. SP Belov O.V. «AVTODUSH»
  38. SCE «Uritskoye establishment of forestry»
  39. LLP «SHP Karakol»
  40. Sarykol RPUG, branch of ZhSC «Kazakhtelecom»
  41. FE «Sergeev AG»
  42. FE «Lukyanov PM»
  43. LLP «Corporation «Marketsoft »
  44. RSE KSU after .A.Baytursynov
  45. Ltd. «Algorithm-Service +»
  46. TOO STP «Phoenix»
  47. National information technology JCS
  48. Филиал АО “Банк Хоум Кредит”

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