10 April 2019 in the Assembly hall of Kostanay construction College for students of groups №335 computing and software-2, No. 337 computing and software-2, 336 MAOG-2 technical Department in the framework of religious education and activities IRG College has organized a lecture on the topic: “the Marginalization of youth as a condition of distribution of destructive cults”.

The purpose of the event – the formation of knowledge about state policy in the field of religion and state regulation of religious relations, the marginality of young people as one of the conditions for the spread of destructive cults, as well as the prevention of religious extremism destructive orientation.

A member of the regional IRG, police major, teacher of Kostanay Academy of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan was invited to participate in the event. Educational psychologist Tuganov of S. M. C. during the event, the head of the IRG College, Musina L. M. introduced students to the main areas of work advocacy group on preventing religious extremism, was given a brief description of the current situation related to the spread of religious extremism of various kinds. Tuganov M. S.  he introduced students to the essence of such phenomena as youth marginality, how this phenomenon contributes to the successful spread of destructive cults, as well as the basic principles of state policy in the field of religion and the regulation of religious relations.. During the event, feedback from the audience, exchange of views, questions and answers to questions were actively used.

The event was held at a good professional level and had great educational value.

Lecture: «Marginality of youth as a condition for the spread of destructive cults»