On December 14, 2018, a round table was held at the College Library on the topic “Training IT Specialists: Modern Challenges”, with the participation of the head of the Office of Informatization, public services and archives of the Akimat of Kostanay Region – Abukarimov E. Zh., Head of Digitalization of Basic Industries of this Directorate – Alkuatuly M., social partners: Director of ProfiSoft LLP Ye.V. Zhukovsky, Head of the TEC of Kazakhtelecom JSC Ye. S. Seichanova and Senior Lecturer of the Software Department of KSU named after A. Baitursynov – Makhambetova G.I. At the round table the administration of the college, teachers of special disciplines and students of the specialty “Computing equipment and software” also attended.

The main purpose of the round table was to discuss issues and guidelines for the training of IT specialists in the framework of interaction with employers, as well as the implementation of practical projects for the enterprise of the region.

During the round table, Abukarimov E. Zh. Spoke briefly about the activities of the new Department, about the projects in which they are engaged and shared their plans for the future. Much attention was paid to the possibility of realizing the acquired knowledge and potential of students of the VTIPO specialty, future IT specialists in our region, since the lack of interesting projects, as well as prospects in general, often force good specialists to leave our region, go to foreign universities or leave for large megacities. Zhukovsky Ye. V. raised the problem of training programmers in 1C, due to the high demand for tracking 1C products, and Seichanov E. and Makhambetova G.I. spoke about the level of training of students undergoing practical training, as well as graduates who are already working and are learning. A large number of proposals were received from the teachers of the college Abukarimov E.Zh., such as assistance in the allocation of grants for training in universities to gifted students, the creation of a coworking center for promising young people and many more. Dr. Erkebulan Zhumagalievich became interested in the proposals and promised to consider these questions.

Round table “Training of specialists in the field of IT: modern challenges”