In kspc Kostanay construction College 30.01.2009 was held a ROUND table ON the theme “Teenager and the law”. With the participation of the district inspector of juvenile police Lieutenant of the city of Kostanay E. Yakubovich and students groups 333CM-2., 334K-2., 339CM-1., 340SEZS-1 construction Department.

The main objectives of the round table were:

  • to increase awareness of students on the prevention of juvenile delinquency;
  • promotion of legal knowledge;
  • the formation of students ‘ understanding that, committing a misdemeanor, they do not only violate the Law, but also cause pain to their relatives and other people;

During the event, students and a representative of the police talked about what you need to know and remember the rights, responsibilities and types of responsibility for various offenses.  Students were shown an information video on”juvenile crime and responsibility for It.” From the mini-film students learned about the statistics of juvenile delinquency, remembered for what offenses and offenses comes criminal and administrative responsibility, and what penalties apply to offenders under the age of majority. After that Yakubovich E. A gave some explanations and comments to the information presented in the video, answered clarifying questions.

All students were actively involved in the conversation, asked questions, discussed life situations and explained to students their rights and obligations to society. The atmosphere at the round table was trusting and relaxed.

Round table on ” Teenager and the law»