The golden book of youth of Kostanay region is a unique project of our region, which has no analogues in other regions. Only distinguished young people who have shown themselves not only in their profession, but also in public life, get into the book. This year, another 11 were added to 195 names, which means that the number of “gold” exceeded two hundred.
In the nomination “Young scientists (innovators) – the best was a student of our college, champion of Kazakhstan in robotics Maxim Ryumin, who opened a school for teaching robotics to children in Kostanay.
Maxim is twice the champion of Kazakhstan in robotics, enjoys mechatronics and programming. By participating in the Jas Project, the guy with his team won a grant to open a school for teaching robotics to children.
– Everything works fine with us, we collected two groups of children from seven to ten and from 11 to 15 years old. There are many students, the students like to study with us, we are planning to develop this project and not stop at what we have achieved, ”noted the winner of the Golden Book of Youth Maxim Ryumin.
The elder brother, who works in this area, moved the guy to do programming and robotics.
– Only he creates the unreal, and I am more real: robots, microchips, boards. Even as a child he loved to pick and disassemble everything. It turns out, followed in his footsteps, just a little wrong there. I am also interested in biology and medicine, it is the use of robotics in these areas – said Maxim.

Our student’s name is listed in the Golden Book of Youth!