0_90db0_61fa50ab_xlWithin the walls of the construction college there is an understanding that religious education of youth gets very important meaning in modern conditions, because it leads to a reduction in public hazard and social vulnerability to the ideology of extremism and terrorism, forming civic engagement and social responsibility, inter-religious and inter-ethnic tolerance, thereby contributing to the most stable in the future socio-economic development of Kazakhstan. Because only you can successfully implement the conditions of stability in the society, both economic and social programs.

In order to implement the objectives of the “State program on combating religious extremism and terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2013-2017” in Kostanay construction college established advocacy group led by social studies teacher Musina L.M., who is engaged in the organization and conduct work aimed at the prevention of extremism in the youth environment, as well as the formation of inter-religious and inter-ethnic tolerance.


Мусина Л.М.- преподаватель общественных дисицплин
Musina L.M.- social studies teacher

The work includes a variety of forms of activities and provides 100 per cent coverage of the newly arrived contingent of students. The event was covered in the first place by students on the first and second years. In order to identify the persons covered by the activities of various religious organizations and missions, among first-year students conducted a survey. By organizing events attracted religious leaders of the city, officials and experts of the Office of Religious Affairs of Kostanay region, the center of assistance to victims of destructive religious movements, associations of psychologists practitioners, lecturers regional advocacy groups, teachers of higher educational institutions of the city, members of the Scientific expert Council of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan in Kostanay region, Emergency Situations Ministry. As part of this work in the college established information presentation papers for electronic stand, there are thematic curatorial hours, parents’ meetings at offices with the inclusion in the agenda of issues related to the prevention of religious extremism and terrorism, individual interviews aimed at preventing extremism among young people, lectures, presentations, seminars, round tables, oral magazines, seminars- workshops, essay competitions format mini-essay “My attitude to religious extremism,” etc., watch related videos, documentaries, television programs aimed at the formation of tolerant attitudes among young people, rejection of ideas of religious extremism. In parallel, in the practical work focuses on an explanation of the fact that our country is an example for all the world countries, where there is an inter-religious and inter-ethnic harmony. In this regard, advocacy group College also hosts events organized in various forms (seminars, round tables, video blogs, presentation lectures and others.) On the following topics: “History Assembly founding of People of Kazakhstan”, “Interethnic harmony – the basis of the Kazakhstan tolerance” “Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on religious activity and religious associations”, “Kazakhstan’s model of inter-religious harmony”, “The country in which we live”, “Dialogue of cultures”, “Secular society: the relation of tradition and religion”, “Religious policy of Kazakhstan”, ” Dialogue of religions for peace and goodness “,” Religion and inter-confessional relations”. The most active part in the organization and conduct of many of these activities, students take college IRG members. This is a great response to the student audience.