Debate (eng. debate, debating) is a formal method of dispute under which the parties interact with each other, presenting a certain point of view, to convince a third party (spectators, judges, etc.).

Debate as a form of dispute differ from a simple logical argument, which only examines things for consistency from the point of view of the axioms, and also from the dispute about the facts, which are only interested in what happened or did not happen. Though logical consistency, factual accuracy as well, and the emotional appeal to audience are important elements of persuasion, in debate, one side often prevails over the other due to the presentation of higher quality content and/or structure to address the problem.

On the basis of our functioning in the College debate club
Supervisor: Manasbaev Serik Shotbaevich
The club engages 15 students from 1st to 3rd year, the same meeting is conducted in a student Dorm.

OBJECTIVE: development and approbation of pedagogical conditions of formation of active position of youth through educational technology “Debates”.

1) The Development of mental activity.
2) Educate students in the following personal qualities
3) The Formation of skills
4) Training the following skills

The name of the event date Coverage students
1 Demonstration game for students 14.10.2015  50 students (participants and spectators)
2  Regional tournament for the Cup of rector of RII (Rudny) 24.10.2015  2 students (participants)
3  Tournament city school (school No. 3) 07.11.2015 Observers (10 students)
3 Regional torinir beginners KSU. A. Baitursynov (KSU, main building) 18. 11.2015  Participants (4 students)
4 Master-class in KSPI 06-07.12.2015  Participants (10 students)

Students studied the following topics:

  • Goal of the game. Why do play in the debate? The principles of debate (respect, integrity, there are no losers).
  • Actors. Who is playing in the debate? Team members, judges, tinkerer, coach (tutor).
  • Scenario game. How to play in the debate? Elements of the debate. Case team
  • Communication games: “Yes, but…”. Humorous debate on the topic “Cakes better than pancakes”. “The palm”. “My nature.” “The turnip.” “What I like”. “Cartoon”. “Representation”. “Symbolism”. “What unites us?”. “The look”.
  • Definition and formulation of the topic of the debate. The requirements for the subject of the debate. Meaning and strategic importance of definitions. The development of the examples.
  • Collecting and processing information on the subject of the debate. Information search as a stage of work on the topic. Bibliography. Abstract. Preface. Comments. App. A practical task of compiling a bibliography on a particular topic. The processing of information. Work with the text.
  • The construction of the plot evidence. The algorithm of constructing the plot of evidence. The relevance of the topic, definition of themes, the nomination criteria, the argumentation. Practical task: presentation 5 minutes on any subject; work with the text for the definition of the subject of reasoning, thesis, argument and conclusion; identify logical contradictions in the statements; simple and complex analogies.

The head of the debate club with the purpose of self-education and improvement of skill, participated in the Republican tournament for the Cup of the party “Nur Otan” was held in Taraz, according to the result of the tournament, the team took 1st place.

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