Today, the Palace of the Palace of culture “Miras” held the closing of the regional championship Worldskills Kostanay – 2019. The WorldSkills championship is an annual competition aimed at raising the status and standards of professional training and qualification, popularization of working professions through international competitions around the world. This year, the regional stage of the championship was held from 8 to 11 April 2019 on 27 competencies at the sites of city colleges, including Kostanay construction College. On the basis of our College there were platforms for 3 competencies, it is “Dry construction and plastering”, “Brickwork (presentation)”and “Mobile robotics(presentation)”.
At the end of the competition, our students showed the following results:
“Dry construction and plastering” – Alexandrov Ivan – 1 place.
“Brickwork” – Dmitry Gurenko – 1st place, Omar Murat – 2nd place.
“Mobile robotics” – Maxim Ryumin and Daniel Danovsky – 1st place, Kuzembaev Mereke and Alexander Presny-2nd place.
“Network and system administration” – Kanapyanov Maksat – 2 place.
“Web design” – Ilya Maksutov – 2nd place.
“It solutions for business” – Karimov Shafais – 2nd place.
“Graphic design” – Alexander Skvortsov – 3rd place.
“Painting” – Cherkaeva Olga – 2 place weaver, Valeria – the 3rd place.
Now the winners will qualify to the national Championships in the President.
Congratulations to our winners and expert mentors for the high training of participants!!!

The closing ceremony of the regional championship of Worldskills Kostanay – 2019