MSPE “KostanayConstruction College “


Kostanay construction College for the implementation of the Quality Policy has the following objectives:

  1. Always be in the top three among the colleges of Kostanay region.
  2. Continuously improve the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders through the continuous improvement of the quality management system.
  3. Improve the quality and quantity of educational services on the basis of competence-based approach, the use of modern educational technologies, the creation of conditions for raising the professional level of college staff and the formation of a new type of a professional educator, having high methodological culture.
  4. Expansion of cooperation with the social partners, to attract them as major customers for the preparation of highly qualified specialists.
  5. Strengthening of material and technical base of the educational process through the purchase of modern teaching equipment and the development of related infrastructure.
  6. To improve the structure and content of educational programs, the discovery of new areas of training (the state language teaching specialty “Construction and operation of buildings and structures”), corresponding to the requirements of SES.
  7. Develop innovative program “Formation of multilingual person (specialist) in the college environment.
  8. Enter as an experiment, the dual system of training specialty “Construction and operation of buildings and structures.”
  9. Development of the system of continuous education school – college – enterprise, based on a long-term career guidance system.
  10. The development of scientific research as a basis of high quality of training of graduates.
  11. The development of self-reliance and leadership skills of students; the need for constant updating of knowledge, the formation of a highly cultured, socially active and harmoniously developed personality.
  12. The development of modern management system to ensure high quality education.


The main strategic task of Kostanay construction College is to create conditions and mechanisms to ensure the stable development of the college, access, high quality and efficiency of education in the following areas:

  1. Providing high quality training and retraining of specialists on the basis of competence-based approach, the use of modern educational technologies.
  2. Construction of a single multi-dimensional educational space of becoming a professional in the system: school – college – enterprise. Integration of education, science and industry.
  3. Development of college as subject of self-financing, development of business objects.

Kostanay Construction College strives to be the best in providing educational services for training and retraining of specialists in the field of “Construction and utilities,” “Communications, Telecommunications and Information Technologies”

Policy aims to prepare competitive professionals capable of providing high-quality services based on the latest achievements in the field of construction, information technology.

College Mission:


The college is a leader in the implementation of the quality policy ensures the efficient functioning of educational services processes and undertakes to provide plant personnel with adequate resources.

The staff are competent and full participants in the business processes. Engineering teaching staff effectively enhance teaching culture and methodological skills, introducing in the process of training and education of innovative pedagogical technologies.

Implementation of policies aimed at the effective functioning and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system of college.


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