Library of Kostanay construction College founded in 1956. The library fund is formed from the formation of the institution and occupies a special position in the educational activities of the college, as it provides faculty, staff and students of educational, scientific and methodical literature.
Activity of College library is aimed at a systematic, planned acquisition of fund of educational and additional literature, as well as the continuous improvement of quality of service to all categories of readers. Program “Librarianship” is set for the automation of library processes. The entire collection of the library is entered in the program, through which creates an electronic catalog, maintained a card file on the Book Supply. The program allows you to quickly find information. To work with legal documents in the library set reference retrieval system “Law”.

Fund of Kostanay construction college Library includes total 81,222 copies, 85 periodicals in Russian and Kazakh languages.
The area of the library is 147.59 square meters. In the library structure – a traditional subscription and a reading room with 32 seats, equipped with computers and office equipment, has internet resources.

All the activities of the library aim to help the educational process.