serpin2050The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in the program of “social modernization of Kazakhstan: 20 steps towards Society of Universal Labor” identifying the key objectives of the modernization of the last century, the period of crisis at the global level,socio-economic development of the country of 60 years suggested the idea of a Society of Universal Labor, in the alternative, instead of the widespread concept of the consumer society. The President: “in the Country, create jobs, build new production facilities, so you have to go where there is a work,” he said.

Based on the idea of the head of state, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan suggested a program for young people. Today ” Мәңгілік Ел Жастары — индустрияғa” appeal to this initiative, support of youth.

Grant holders of the program receive a scholarship provided by residence and travel, provided with clothing and work space. This programme can also apply graduates of previous years.
In every region of the country obtains the necessary information, ” Серпін – 2050″ in the headquarters. A Coordinating Council is for prompt and timely management of issues of increasing professional and territorial mobility of young people.


«Серпін-2050» бағдарламасы республикалық үйлестіру кеңесінің төрағасы Мұрат Әбенов болып табылады.

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